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Tellus – for a sustainable future

Tellus is a resource center aimed at children and students as well as educators active in Härryda kommun. The aim is to develop children and students’ interests and knowledge in mathematics, technology and science. During a visit to Tellus, there is, for example, the opportunity to explore the Baghdad mathematical material, a studio for movies and sound installations, an exhibition about man and life, a robot workshop and much more.

Tellus is a place where children and students participate in interactive exhibitions in a workshop-like environment. A place for experiment, creativity and learning. Our resource center is also a place for competence development and learning for all educators in Härryda kommun. Here, as an educator, you can be inspired in alternative learning environments or use Tellus as a meeting place for meetings and conferences.

Sustainable future

Tellus is adjacent to the recycle center ÅterC and is characterized by a concept of sustainable development. Tellus will develop and grow based on the interests of the children and students as well as the needs identified by the companies. In this way, Tellus is an investment in our common future.


We are located at Åvägen 1 in central Mölnlycke, near the busstation.

Please contact us by telephone or email for further questions:

031 – 724 85 62